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Google web history and Google reader

Posted by Chirag Patel on August 15, 2007

In case you’re not using it already, Google’s web history is a free and handy way to find useful links that you forgot to bookmark. I use it quite a bit when when I google search bugs and installation problems that I need to look up later. It can keep track of (1) all of your Google web searches and links you visited from those searches, and optionally (2) all of your web history (not just Google searches)

Click this thumbnail for a screenshot:


It includes a calendar, that you might help you remember what day you need to be looking at.

Also, I prefer Google Reader over Bloglines mainly because of how quick it is to star RSS feeds and tag RSS feeds by keywords. Everything loads quicker in general. Also, keep an eye on, which will allow you to comment the RSS feeds

Please post comments if you know of better alternatives to both tools..


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