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Making (and verifying) the migration to PostgreSQL in Rails

Posted by Chirag Patel on August 20, 2007


After installing PostgreSQL on Windows, I converted my Rails application from MySQL to PostgreSQL with the following steps:

  1. Create a new database in PostgreSQL
  2. Installed postgres-pr gem (Ruby driver) because the postgres gem (native driver) didn’t work. Will figure out why later on.
  3. Changed the appropriate Rails config stuff in database.yml
      adapter: postgresql
      database: database_name
      username: postgres
      password: password
      host: localhost
  4. I ran only my first Rails migration to test that it worked using this command: rake db:migrate VERSION=1. My first migration (001_create_heartrates.rb) creates a table in the database so it will be easy to test.

Robby explains a quick way to migrate the data as well


You can test that the migration worked via 2 methods (GUI or command line)

  1. Using following commands with the psql command line utility (Start Menu -> PostgreSQL -> psql to postgres):
    psql commmand Description
    \? help
    \c database_name connect to a database (many other commands won’t work until you execute this)
    \dt show tables (execute \c first)
    \d table_name describes a particular table (e.g. table_name)
  2. Using the pgAdmin III GUI:
    • The database table is deeply nested in the tree, I missed it at first. Go to PostgreSQL Database Server 8.2 -> Databases -> database_name -> Schemas -> public -> Tables -> table_name

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